How to Burn More Fat and Calories

Everyone who uses a treadmill does so because they either want to improve their endurance in preparation for a marathon or they want to lose weight quickly by getting a great cardiovascular workout that will get the heart rate up and that will effectively burn through calories. But if you have been using the treadmill […]

Workout Variations to Improve Your Cardio Routine

A treadmill is a great type of gym equipment that can help you get the results that you have always wanted because it effectively works out your cardiovascular system so that you can lose weight by burning through calories and fat. But it is also a great way to build up your muscles, from your […]

Easy Tips that Will Help You Build Up Your Endurance

Using your treadmill at home is a great way to build up your endurance and improve your overall strength, but a lot of people who use treadmills are not using them to their fullest potential. If you simply get on your treadmill every day and do a simple warm-up followed by a jog and then […]

The Best Music to Keep You Going

Unfortunately, the simple reality is that working out on a treadmill can become quite monotonous, and you may end up dreading your workouts if you really can’t stand being on your treadmill, no matter how high-tech it is, because you cannot seem to keep yourself motivated. But one of the strategies that a lot of […]