ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review


No one has to tell you that a treadmill will be one of the best investments you ever make. After all, it will have a monumental impact on your long-term health, and running will transform your body for the better. That being said, trying to pick one out of the massive selection on the market is not easy to do. If you are shopping for one with a longer deck and a lot of advanced features, we recommend taking a look at the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill.

This ‘meaty’ treadmill is feature-rich, solid, and long enough to allow sprinting.

How Does the ProForm 505 CST Work?

The ProForm 505 CST offers a sturdy design and a ton of innovative features that will help you get the most out of every workout. It safely welcomes users up to 300 pounds, and the 55″ treadbelt is accommodating to tall runners and those who have a longer stride. It also folds vertically when not in use, so you can get the most out of your living space.

One of our favorite things about this product is that it is compatible with iFit Live Technology. This features automatic incline and speed controls and training with Jillian Michaels. Plus, you can draw a map, select a course, or simply customize a program. Do not forget to buy the iFit Live wireless adaptor.

If you do not want to use iFit Live, there are already 15 workouts programmed in the ProForm 505 CST. It offers an impressive Intermix Acoustics sound system and a music port for your iPod. We love this feature because you do not have to wear earbuds or worry about holding your iPod.

The EKG heart rate monitor is built right into your handlebars, so it is effortless to monitor your heart rate, and all information is a breeze to read while you are moving, thanks to the crystal clear, 6″ backlit display.

You may also appreciate that the deck offers a completely flat position. Some other treadmills start on a bit of an incline, which can be a little exhausting when you are just trying to get warmed up. When you are ready to turn the intensity up a bit, a quick push of a button will incline the deck.

What Are the Health Benefits of Using the ProForm 505 CST?

Whether you are in the mood for a long, calming, consistent jog or if you need to squash the stress of your day with an intense interval workout the ProForm 505 CST will accommodate your needs and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Your doctor will tell you that walking is one of the best things you can do for your body. Running gives you the same benefits, but on a higher level. The harder your heart works the more your blood is encouraged to circulate. This helps to efficiently detoxify your body, and promotes muscle flexibility. Speaking of muscles, running is a full body workout that turns fat into lean muscle.

We love that this treadmill has so many programmed workouts because variety is essential for working muscles in different ways. Also, the heart rate monitor lets you know how hard your heart is working at all times, so you know whether to slow your pace a bit or crank the incline up. You will likely also appreciate that it features ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning, so it is easy on your joints.

What Do Others Have to Say About It?

The ProForm 505 CST has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 starts on Amazon. Users of all fitness levels are generally impressed and have positive things to say about it. One person said, “This treadmill is fantastic!” Another wrote, “I love this treadmill, good quality at an affordable price.”

What Else is There to Love?

Here are the key features that make the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill worthy of our great rating:

  • Roomy 55″ belt on a 70″ x 34″ deck offers enough room for most.
  • Generous weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Compatible with iFit Live Technology, so you can enjoy a wide variety of workouts.
  • The 15 pre-programmed workouts offer a nice selection, if you don’t use iFit Live.
  • Built-in handlebar sensors let you monitor your heart rate.
  • ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning is easy on the joints.
  • Folds vertically for easy storage against a wall.
  • Quick incline control is adjusted with the push of a button.
  • QuickSpeed control goes up to 10 mph.
  • A console shelf lets you plug in your iPod or MP3 player and use the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system.

Where Can I Buy It?

The ProForm 505 CST can be found at a variety of online retailers and sporting goods stores. However, we recommend Amazon for a purchase this significant. The site is secure and shipping is typically fast. Not to mention, Amazon is known for its great customer service. Besides, this product could cost you $999.99 elsewhere, but Amazon offers it for $699.

Our Recommendation: Great, But Not Without Flaws

It takes some impressive features and a sound design to earn our 4-star rating. Although there are a lot of things we love about this product, it does not compete with some others on the market. At slower speeds it is fairly quiet and smooth. However, the faster you run the louder this machine gets, and it can even creak a little if the workout gets too intense.

Also, assembly is a lot more work than other products. It comes in a huge box, so you might expect it to be mostly assembled, but it’s not. The instructions say assembly takes about two hours, but you can plan on it being a bit longer, if you don’t have an extra pair of hands.

Where Can I Read More Reviews?

There are countless reviews for the ProForm 505 CST on Amazon. You will see that they include walkers, new joggers, and long-distance runners, so these opinions could help you make a more educated buying decision.

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