Easy Tips that Will Help You Build Up Your Endurance

Using your treadmill at home is a great way to build up your endurance and improve your overall strength, but a lot of people who use treadmills are not using them to their fullest potential. If you simply get on your treadmill every day and do a simple warm-up followed by a jog and then a cool down, you are only scratching the surface of what a treadmill can do for you. And if you have invested into your own treadmill, you definitely want to be taking advantage of it to get into the best shape possible, rather than letting it sit around and only using it for the most basic exercises when it actually is turned on.

Another great way to build up your endurance quickly by using a treadmill is by utilizing interval training techniques

To learn more about how you can effectively transform your boring treadmill workout into one that will quickly build up your endurance, continue reading. The easy exercise tips below can be implemented into just about any routine, and people of all fitness levels can take advantage of them in order to get in shape and see results fast.

Take Advantage of a Treadmill with an Incline Feature

High quality treadmills on the market today feature inclines that are easy to include in your workout. You can start off slow and on level ground and then build up your speed and your incline as you go so that you can effectively challenge your body and make it work harder the longer you are on the machine.

Using the incline feature on your treadmill will not only boost your endurance, it will also allow your muscles to grow stronger and it will allow you to burn of more calories as well, which is very important if your goal is to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

Start by warming up the body by walking at around 3 mph for about 2 minutes. After these first two minutes, it is time to slightly increase the speed so that your body gets used to having to work harder without overdoing it right away, which can lead to injury. Try not to increase the speed too much. When you use an incline, you can simply walk, especially if you are not very physically fit yet because you are just starting out on an exercise schedule.

Build the incline slowly after a couple of minutes and, once you reach the middle of your workout, you can then begin reducing the incline again by the same increments and within the same time frame. This will allow your body to feel the burn as you have to push your way through the toughest part of the incline. And then your body will slowly ease itself back down to level ground. Follow this up with a 2-minute cool down at a regular walking pace.

Remember, you can walk through this whole exercise until you are strong and fit enough to jog through it. It is all about using the muscles of your lower body until you have built up more endurance before pushing yourself with speed.

Take Advantage of Interval Training on the Treadmill

Another great way to build up your endurance quickly by using a treadmill is by utilizing interval training techniques. These require you to push your body at certain points throughout your workout before letting your body rest a bit in between.

Begin by walking on the treadmill at around 3 mph for a couple of minutes in order to warm the entire body up. Once you feel that you are ready, you can increase the speed to around 4 mph. You should be walking more briskly at this point. Stay at this pace for another couple of minutes before increasing the speed to around 6 mph. At this point in your workout, you should be going at a full jog. Run this way for about 3 minutes. Then bring your treadmill’s speed back down to around 4 mph again for about a minute before blasting back up to 6 mph for another 3 minutes. Continue alternating between these two speeds for the duration of your workout, finally finishing it up with a 2-minute cool down at that original 3 mph speed, which should be a gentle walk.

Rather than going from a warm-up straight into a 6 mph jog, these intervals give your body a little bit of rest in between bursts of action. This is what interval training is all about, and it has been proven that it can build up your endurance more quickly than traditional jogging methods. As you get stronger, you will be able to increase your jogging speed and keep going for longer periods with shorter periods of rest in between.

To get your endurance up, a treadmill can work wonderfully. Use intervals and inclines to get the most out of every workout.